How Much Can You Get For Your Louisville Motorcycle Accident Claim?


A motorcycle accident will leave you in such a state that you will find it difficult to be able to meet your ends after having to pay for all the medical expenses and other associated bills. If you are living in Louisville, then you must already know that the person who caused the accident is the one who is responsible for the accident. So if you are not responsible, you will be able to file an insurance claim after a legal consultation in Louisville. 

Don’t get us wrong, a legal consultation is not mandatory. However, it can significantly help your case. For example, based on the economic and non-economic damages you suffered, they will be able to pinpoint how much you are eligible to get. You no longer have to settle for the lowball offer made by the insurance companies. 

What do you need to do to file a motorcycle accident claim?

Well, that is a good question. The process is not as simple as handing a document to an insurance company telling them what you are owed. It does not work like that, and you will be required to follow an extensive legal procedure to be able to file a claim.

First of all, if you are filing a motorcycle claim, you will first need to establish that the other party or a number of parties were responsible for the accident. And, in order to do this, you will have to show that they were negligent on their end. This could be a tricky endeavor as the victims do not always have adequate evidence to prove that. 

If you are facing difficulty in gathering evidence, a Louisville lawyer can step in and help you with that. It is also important to note that if you are partially responsible for the accident, it can somewhat affect how much you can get for the damages based on the percentage of liability.

Final thoughts:

Not sure how to get started? What we would recommend is that you first try and consult a motorcycle accident lawyer even if you were somewhere at fault for the accident. You never know if you can also recover some damages. To learn more about how a lawyer evaluates compensation and what are the things that are taken into consideration, get in touch with a Louisville lawyer today.