What is AVVO?



Have you ever wondered where to start looking for a lawyer? Most people search online and check the Google reviews. But there’s a specific site where you can search for lawyers, see their ratings, and see if they are the best for your case. AVVO rating has become one of the best services for information about attorneys, and it’s essential to know precisely what it means. Let’s find out everything about it.

What Is It?

Avvo is considered a consumer information website, but unlike other listings, it provides more information and ranks its attorneys by specific standards. This helps users determine whether a particular lawyer is suitable for their case and if they are easy to work with. However, states such as Virginia don’t allow lawyers to sign up for an Avvo rating.

Lawyers can upload their resumes detailing their studies and services on the website. They can also explain their previous cases, post about their awards, and even their research. They can link to their personal websites on Avvo.

The platform offers legal questions. Random users can visit and ask their inquiries to see if an experienced lawyer has some advice for them. But most of the time, people are searching for lawyers based on their kind of practice and what they need from them.  

The Information Available

The Profile

Some lawyers might even have profiles set up before signing up themselves because Avvo searches through publicly available data and automatically creates it. This can be beneficial in certain ways as people will be able to find this attorney quickly through the site.

But on the other hand, a lawyer might not have the best profile possible and could be losing out on clients. There could also be inaccurate information. That’s why people prefer to take a proactive approach to the matter, although some people have stated that they were forced to use the service due to this practice. But they can take ownership of their profiles by proving their identity and start managing quickly.

One issue is that profiles can’t be deleted once they are claimed and can’t be unclaimed.

The Rating System

The difference between Avvo and other websites is the rating system, so some attorneys don’t like it. Like rating doctors, services, restaurants, etc., online, Avvo has created a peer-review system that goes beyond what other places offer.

It gives a lawyer a score between 1 and 10 based on the information in their profile, which means that these professionals have to think about what they upload and dedicate a significant amount of time to designing their profiles. The less information about them, the lower the score.

Reviews From Clients

Anyone can write a review for any attorney on the site, making some people uncomfortable with the practice as there’s no way to know if the review is honest. Some clients might be angry with the outcome of their experience and are most likely to leave a bad review than people who are happy with the results.

But in general, it’s a great place to look for a lawyer, and you can see their complete profiles in a similar way to sites like LinkedIn or other professional websites. Moreover, an Avvo rating can help you determine if a lawyer is right for your needs. All the information is at the tip of your fingers!