Can Your Accident Injury Attorney With Insurance After Car Accident?


If you met with an accident, a car accident attorney Orlando, FL can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf. The insurance companies are smart, and someone insists that they would always prioritize the needs and interests of a policy-holder and offer them ultimate protection.

 However, not all insurance companies live by their promise and rather work towards achieving profit. More importantly, matters related to insurance companies are tricky as well, especially when you are applying for a third-party claim. Here is how an accident injury attorney Orlando will come into play.

Know how they can help you after a car collision.

What To Do Immediately After Car Accident?

There are two different kinds of insurance claims; 

  • The first party claims
  • The third-party claims

The first-party claim is where you file the insurance company of another business or even person. Most insurance companies have third party coverage for people who are injured as an outcome of the claimant’s actions. Which claim you will file will depend on who was guilty of the accident, the severity of the accident and the available insurance.

The Process Involving Insurance Claim

Right after a collision, you want to report the matter to the insurance company as fast as you can. Regardless of whose fault it was, you must report the incident to the insurance company. You might be asked about the location of the accident and the severity of your injuries. Once the insurance company begins the investigation process for your claim, you would have to offer photographs of the accident location, the witness names (if any) and the nature of the accident.


Once the claim value is calculated by the insurance company, they will initiate a check for the settlement. In case of inadequate and unfair settlement, delayed process or denial, you might need to seek help from a personal injury attorney Orlando, FL.

What A Personal Injury Attorney In Orlando Can Do For You?

It doesn’t matter if this is your first or third accident, you might be completely oblivious to your rights, being a claimant or a policyholder. You might also not know how much your damages or injuries are worth. The insurance companies know that claimants are unaware of the minute details and it is what provokes them to take due advantage. However, when a personal injury attorney Orlando, FL is brought to handle insurance post-accident, the insurance companies wouldn’t be able to cheat you.

Here’s How They Can Help You

They Double-Up As A Liaison Between The Insurer Of The Other Driver And You

A car accident attorney Orlando, FL can speak on your behalf to the insurer regarding claim-related issues when you are filing a claim with the insurance carrier of other parties. One way this can be advantageous is that you need not have to show any statement to the insurer that can in future be utilized to minimize the claim value. 

They Can Support Your Claim With Relevant Evidence

Before offering a single penny to the claimant, the insurance company would want to ensure the claimant qualifies for the coverage. You might be asked to provide evidence that proves that you are not guilty or is partially-guilty- and that the suffered injuries are not made up and are hurting your life.

Notify You When Your Claim is Not Being Dealt with Care

Once the insurance company gets the claim and understands that you are eligible for the coverage, they mandate that the insurer must:

  • Replace the damaged property
  • Repair the property that underwent damage
  • Pay the loss amount to the claimant in cash.

For a claimant to understand how much the insurance companies have accrued in the medical expenses since they might be undergoing care. Apart from addressing the insurance claim settlements, the personal injury attorney Orlando, FL can also come into action if and when the adjuster refuses to provide coverage to your claim or delays the entire process.


They Can Negotiate With The Insurance Providers Professionally

If the insurance company ends up offering you a settlement that doesn’t provide complete coverage for your damages, then the car accident attorney Orlando, FL can intervene in the matter and play the role of a negotiator until the claimant is not satisfied with the settlement. You can seek professional help from your attorney if the policy doesn’t offer fair coverage regarding filing a personal injury lawsuit and whether or not you can do it.

Your accident injury attorney Orlando will talk and do whatever needs to be done to help you get the settlement that you deserve. They will handle the insurance companies professionally. If you got involved in a collision recently and looking for someone who can help your insurance claims, then a personal injury attorney is the best for you.