How Local Services Ads Work: Should Your Family Law Firm Invest in Them?


Finding new leads is challenging for any law firm. For a lot of lawyers, this is an exhausting and time-consuming task, but vital to their success. As people are turning to search engines as they look for legal services, family law attorneys must establish a strong presence online to attract possible clients. This is where Local Services Ads (LSA) come in. These Google ads can help lawyers maximize their marketing investment. If you are not sure how to get started with LSA, experts at Nifty Marketing can educate and guide you through it. 

What to Know About Local Services Ads

LSA are pay-per-lead ads from Google that are visible at the top of search results. They match possible clients looking for a legal service with related practice in the same area. With these ads, clients get dependable suggestions while family law firms see a better ROI with more qualified leads. 

LSA contains the name, business hours, phone number, photo, a Google Screened badge, and customer reviews of a law firm. With just one click, internet users can reach a family law attorney by direct message or phone through the ad. 

LSA Benefits

LSA is rolled out as an online marketing strategy for lawyers. Below are the benefits of these ads:

  • High search results ranking. LSA is displayed at the top of search results in Google, just above PPC ads and organic search results. Thus, if a possible client is searching for legal counsel, they can first find your firm. 
  • Qualified leads. Because local service ads appear to clients in the service area of your firm right when they need your legal services, they provide you with qualified leads. For instance, if you are advertising divorce law in New York, your ad will appear to people who are searching for divorce legal services in such an area. 
  • Budget-friendliness. You are charged only if a qualified lead calls you or sends you a message through the ad. With this, you do not pay for clicks from individuals who may not need your services.
  • Campaign flexibility. LSA lets you set a budget according to the number of leads you want to get every week. Also, you can pause the ads if you have to. 
  • Approval stamp. You should register your firm as a Google-screened practice to use LSA. This will appear as a green checkmark on the ad. This helps you establish more credibility among possible clients.