Firearms in Arizona: The Thin Line Between Gun Rights and Elderly Care Laws


The Statute of the Elderly establishes rights for people aged 60 or over, guaranteeing older people a dignified participation in society. However, unfortunately, few people have no idea about their rights guaranteed by law, which should be made possible not only by the government but also by society as a whole.

With that in mind, if you are an older person, follow me to the end of this article to learn about the 4 main rights of older adults.

  1. Priority In Justice

When we talk about legal processes and procedures involving seniors over 60, the right of priority processing is guaranteed in any instance.

If you file a lawsuit using Arizona gun rights attorney for example in court to request your INSS retirement, for example, you will have priority over the others.

For this, the elderly must apply for priority in the courts, and this preference continues to exist in the event of the death of the elderly, in which case it is granted to their representative.

  1. Comprehensive Healthcare And Free Medication

The Unified Health System (SUS) must offer preferential care to older people concerning prevention, promotion, protection, and health recovery.

The Statute for the Elderly also provides that the government must provide free medication, especially for continuous use.

In addition, prostheses, orthoses, habilitation, and health rehabilitation treatment should also be made available.

  1. Transport Discounts

Those over 65 have free access to public transport by presenting any personal document proving their age. In addition, 10% of the seats must be reserved for older people. 

Concerning interstate public transport, seniors with an income equal to or less than two (2) minimum wages are entitled to a 50% discount on fares.

  1. Right Of Older People To Withdraw The Fgts

Seniors over 70 can withdraw the full amount of the FGTS, presenting a personal document, PIS/PASEP/NIS number, and work hard when requesting payment to Caixa Econômica Federal.

In addition, retirees, elderly or not, who remain working in the same company, are allowed to withdraw their FGTS every month.

  1. Possibility Of IPTU Exemption

In some cities, exemption from IPTU has already been regulated for seniors who meet requirements, such as, for example, owning a single property and using it as a residence. However, as IPTU is a municipal tax, older people should check their city’s tax legislation with elder law attorney phoenix az for example.

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