Go Beyond Practicality: Why Hire a Compassionate Law Firm to Settle Family Dispute?


Family matters are personal, and it can be quite disturbing when a partner decides to move on or a parent bids adieu to the world. A little scuff between family members can become nasty and it can be dragged to the realms of the Canadian court. Certain misfortunes are meant to happen, but to settle the matter in court, you need a compassionate attorney. Although it’s a practical world, you need an attorney who understands your situations and fights the case with a lot of compassion and also in-depth knowledge.

Here’s a quick article that talks about why you need to go beyond practicality and hire a family attorney who fights your case with the utmost compassion. Let’s take a quick look!

Treating a Client as a Person and not a Subject

Attorneys should treat a client as a real person, and not a subject. Family disputes, divorce, separation, and distributions of assets can be tough on people.

Let’s take the instance of a divorce or separation, two people were invested in the relationship and finally decided to part ways. It can be grueling if only one person in the relationship wishes to opt-out.

When a person dies, their will consists of the names of family members. Sometimes the deceased person mentions the name of only one person which leads to conflicts within the family. For starters, you are already mourning the death of your loved one and now there is a conflict within the family.

Family matters can affect a person’s mental health. Thus, it’s essential to hire an attorney who listens, understands, and fights the case with compassion.

An attorney who does not take a deep interest in their client’s situation will never be able to fight the case with as much dedication.

The attorney should have the drive to improve the situation of the client, and not make it worse.

The client should be treated as a person with feelings and wishes, and not a subject to exploit.

How do you hire the right family law and divorce attorney?

Now that you are aware of why a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer is required, it’s time to know where you can find them.

You must hire a law firm that has the experience and knowledge to fight the family law/divorce case. Don’t be in a hurry to hire the first lawyer you meet in Canada.

Ask about their fee and the solutions they are willing to provide. Respectable law firms like Litvack Dessureault offer transparency in terms of fees that they charge.

Litvack Dessureault LLP strives to create mutual understanding and respect their client’s feelings and concerns.

No matter who you choose to represent your case, make sure you hire someone who is deeply invested in your cause. Transparency of fee and also in-depth knowledge about family law practices are a must!