Significant aspects to check when hiring injury lawyers in Fayetteville


Were you attacked by the neighbor’s dog? Did you sustain injuries in a car crash in Fayetteville? Did you suffer the consequences of a surgical error? These are typical reasons to seek the expertise of an attorney specializing in personal injury law. Hiring an attorney is not mandatory according to the laws in Georgia, but this could be a significant step toward recovering a fair settlement amount. We have a few pointers for choosing the right Fayetteville personal injury attorney

Track record matters

Injury lawyers deal with a wide range of cases, but not everyone is an expert. You need someone who works extensively for injured victims and has an excellent track record. The lawyer should have handled cases that had similar circumstances. Check the profile of shortlisted lawyers. You can find online listings for Fayetteville through Google and other independent legal sites.

Trial experience is critical

Going to court for an injury lawsuit requires experience and expertise. Find an attorney who has been to trials and wouldn’t mind going the extra mile. Because most cases are settled outside of court between parties, lawyers don’t have the confidence to represent clients before the jury.  

Communication is essential

A personal injury case is stressful, and as a client, you shouldn’t have to chase an attorney for updates. Choose one who is willing to communicate and educate you. You may not know the legal jargon and paperwork-related hassles, which they should explain. They must also have a team that should respond to emails and queries.

Consider fees and payment terms

The contingency arrangement is typical for injury lawsuits. There is no upfront fee when you hire an attorney, but you are likely to pay a fixed percentage of the recovery. For car accident lawsuits, the fee is usually set at 33%, while for complicated cases like medical malpractice, you may have to pay as much as 50%. It is best to ask in advance.

Study the attitude

A qualified lawyer will make time to meet you in person. They should also discuss the legal strategies that they intend to follow and how you can contribute to the case. The attitude and approach of an attorney can make a huge difference.

Check the ratings

You can find reviews from other clients on social media, while ratings on Google are also resourceful for comparing lawyers. The reputation of a law firm is paramount, and doing some background work is essential.

Get an injury lawyer immediately after you are injured.