You Will Not Regret Hiring a Car Injury Attorney


Road traffic accidents occur everyday in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2020, an estimated 38,680 individuals lost their lives in these incidents. If you have been recently involved in one of these unfortunate accidents, we would like to sympathize with you during this difficult time. 

Suffering through bodily pain and missing work days will negatively affect your quality of life. Nonetheless, as a victim, you are entitled to receive compensation for all of your damages. Car crashes fall under the category of personal injury accidents. This means that the at-fault party and their insurers must compensate you for your injuries. 

Although you are in your right to be compensated, obtaining your award on your own would be extremely difficult. For instance, you will have to negotiate with the other party and their insurers to reach a fair monetary settlement. To be successful though, you’ll need to hire a car injury attorney. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of hiring one of these legal experts. 

What Are The Most Common Causes of Road Traffic Accidents? 

  • Distracted driving goes beyond talking or texting on your smartphone while operating a vehicle. Doing those things is just flat out reckless driving a
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can lead to tragic accidents. For example, the probability of suffering an accident tends to increase when someone’s blood alcohol concentration is 0.04 g/d or more. This is because being under the influence impaires the mind’s ability for concentration and proper decision making.
  • Speeding is also another common cause of these auto-mobile collisions. The truth of the matter is that violating the speed limits increases the likelihood of a personal injury accident. 

What Are The Most Common Injuries in Car Accident Victims? 

Car accident injuries can range from mild to severe. However, they may prevent you from performing your day-to-day activities. The following are some of the most common motor vehicle accident injuries: 

  • Bone fractures: Drivers could endure fractures in their legs, arms, ribs, ankles, and wrists. People with minor fractures will simply require a cast to recover. On the other hand, compound bone fractures will often require surgery. 
  • Neck injuries: Usually, car accident victims will suffer whiplash. This refers to a hyperextension of the soft tissues within the neck. 
  • Burns: Car accident injury burns might occur when your skin comes into contact with hot fluids, surfaces, or chemicals. Drivers with serious burns could require skin grafting. Oftentimes, when the airbag goes off in a collision, the hot and quick impact of the airbag can cause burns.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI): These can be suffered when an accident victim’s head collides with windows, car seats, and other passengers. Brain injuries are very dangerous since these can affect brain functioning. They can limit the person’s ability to speak, move, reason, and/or perform other mental and physical activities. 
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These tend to occur in high-speed crashes. Spinal cord injuries can lead to partial or total paralysis. For example, these accidents often cause or worsen injuries such as herniated discs.
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: While often overlooked, these traumatic events can cause mental and emotional disturbance. Getting professional help early on can help prevent or mitigate these challenges.

What Are The Advantages of Hiring Auto Injury Lawyers

  • In order to be compensated for your motor vehicle crash injuries, you must file your car accident claim. These documents must completely comply with your state’s law. 

Rest assured that all car injury lawyers are experts in the legal framework of these accidents. As a result, they will make sure that your injury claim is properly filed. 

  • Motor vehicle lawyers can help you obtain the best  medical attention to effectively treat all of your injuries. 
  • Auto accident law firms offer free consultations. In these sessions, you can ask your car crash attorney any questions that you may have about your claim. 
  • You should call drunk driving accident lawyers because they know when to request a blood alcohol concentration test from the other party. This is, sometimes, all that is needed to prove fault.
  • Lastly, insurance companies will try to lure accident victims into accepting unfair settlements. However, the best car accident lawyer will make sure that you are correctly compensated. 

Get Compensated Right Away! 

Remember that all of these damages will significantly decrease your quality of life. You deserve justice for all of your losses! For this reason, we urge you to hire a car injury attorney as soon as possible!