Understanding the Motorcycle Helmet Law in Georgia


Riding a motorcycle in Georgia is exciting as roads are well-maintained and clean. However, riding a motorcycle can include several risk factors which can be life-threatening. Thus, wearing protective gear like motorcycle helmets is a must in Georgia to minimize the risk factors like head injuries, which result in death. 

If you’re eager to know about the motorcycle helmet law in Georgia in detail, read more here. In this article, we will highlight the most critical motorcycle helmet laws in Georgia and their importance. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Explain What the Law Says About Motorcycle Helmets in Georgia.

Chapter 6, Article 13, Part 2, Section 40-6- 315 under Motor Vehicles and Traffic of the Georgia law states, “You should not ride or operate a motorcycle until and unless you are wearing a motorcycle helmet.” Above all, this helmet should meet the Georgia Department of Public Safety standards. 

Some rules that make a helmet a proper headgear are a thick inner liner, an average weight of around three pounds, a sturdy chin strap, solid rivets, manufacturer’s labels, and the Department of Transportation (DOT). 

Importance of Motorcycle Helmet Use 

1. Head Injuries Prevention

Helmets in Georgia are necessary to wear to prevent head injuries during a motorcycle accident or crash. Head injuries are a significant cause of death during road accidents, and helmets can prevent them. 

2. Improves Road Safety

Wearing helmets on the roads gives out positive signals and promotes road safety as it serves as a visual reminder for everyone. 

3. Enhances Riders’ Comfort

Helmets in Georgia are designed to keep riders comfortable, providing maximum ventilation and reducing wind noises. A comfortable rider is less fatigued and more focused, which results in safe driving. 

4. Eye Protection

Since helmets also cover your eyes, they shield you from accidents or eye injuries during accidents. It also protects eyes from intense light, dust, and debris while driving a two-wheeler. 

5. Comply with Laws in Georgia

According to the motorcycle helmet law in Georgia, all motorcyclists should wear helmets, or it might lead to serious punishments. 

How Will a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Help?

If you get injured because of the mistake of a motorcyclist, a motorcycle accident attorney will help you get the compensation. Your attorney will collect all evidence and, based on it, take further action.  

Wrapping Up!

The motorcycle helmet law in Georgia is a vital law that requires wearing helmets while driving. While in Georgia, ensure you follow this law to avoid penalties.